We manufacturer, installed and commissioned all kind of AHU for HVAC system.

All Enclosure are insulated with either 25mm or 50mm thick double skin PU insulation panel to create a temperature barrier between the internal and external surfaces. The polyurethane foam (PU) create the optimum insulation performance and rigidity.

Air Handling Units has different sizes of fan and blower for selection. With the forward and backward curve fan, it will have the most economic combination to achieve maximum performance for any requirement. All the ADM AHU is supplied with internal vibration isolator for a minimum vibration transmission and low noise operation. Fan noise is further reduced by the double skinned panel construction.

Designed for easy maintenance and installation. Air Handling Unit offers extended coil connections and lift off panels or hinged access doors. Prefilter , fine filter and Media chemical filter are installed in AHU as per requirement for better Air quality as per ASTM standard. In addition, the sloped and painted galvanized steel cooling coil drain pan reduces the risk of algae and fungi growth and prevents corrosion.