Services Offered (EPC Projects Divisions)

Design, Fabrication & Supply, Erection & Commissioning of various utilities package like

  • Oil & Gas Handling
  • Storage Tanks & Vessels
  • Fire & Gas Detection & Protection
  • HVAC System
  • Cooling Water System
  • Drainage & Dewatering System
  • Water Treatment
  • Clean agent suppression system
  • Water Distribution & Management
  • L P & HP Piping
  • Power Plant & Airports (BOP Packages)
  • Building Utilities
  • Electrical & Mechanical Packages

By Segment

Airports, Metros, Power, Refineries, Oil & Gas, Water Treatment, Major Infra Projects, Tanks, Pipelines

Fuel oil Handling

From unloading to storage and forwarding to pumping flowgain provide complete system including tanks design and fabrication, steam piping, analysis piping system etc. for power and other infrastructural project.

  • Fuel Oil Unloading System
  • Fuel Oil Loading System

Oil & Gas Handling

Flowgain offers a full range of services to the oil and gas industry. It’s a leading one-stop shop of oil and gas service provider; it has successfully completed several notable contracts.

  • Oil & Gas System

Fire protection system

Flowgain is one of the top EPC contracting company for fire Detection & Protection system in India. We are working with best companies in their field to reduce the risk to minimum in sector of Power plants, Substations, Airport, refineries and other features.

  • Foam System
  • Clean Agent System
  • Hydrant System
  • HVW Spray system for Transformer

HVAC System

Flowgain is leading HVAC system provide for industries, power of process plant, substation and for other manufacture project.

  • Air Handling Unit (AHU) System
  • Air Handling Unit (AHU) System
  • Centralized AC system
  • Package AC system

Water Treatment and Distribution

Water treatment and distribution division of flowgain caters to the need of service PW, DM, RO, UF Water and distribution of above in various industries.

  • DM Plant System
  • UF Plant System
  • RO Plant System

Storage Tanks & vessels

We are offering excellent quality Storage Tanks & vessels to our customer’s. They are developed with the help of top notch technology and quality materials. We are offering them in various specifications, sizes, patterns, designs and patterns.

  • Vessels

Cooling Water and Drainage & Dewatering System

Flowgain offers complete solution for closed loop and open loop Cooling water system / Drainage & Dewatering system, consist of cyclone separator, basket filters, pumps, instruments, valves and its control system for Hydro and other type of power plants for Turbine, Generator and Transformer etc,.

  • Cooling Water system
  • Drainage
  • Dewatering System
  • Cooling Water system


Flowgain offers a complete range of compressed air solutions from oil-lubricated and oil-free rotary screw compressors, oil-lubricated and oil-free reciprocating compressors and centrifugal compressors, to dryers, filters and downstream accessories.

  • Compressed Air system

Other Electrical & Mechanical Package

We offer complete solution for various other Electrical and mechanical system like, Illumination, Pumping, Electrical supply and Erection and other utility package.