Flowgain 'Y' Type Strainers are manufactured in wide variety of material, sizes, pressure rating and types to meet specific requirement of client.

Available Sizes

Y-Type Strainers are available from 15 mm up to 65 mm in screwed end connections & from 20 mm up to 200 mm in Flanged end connection.

Y type pipe strainers are offered in a wide choice of size & in cast iron and in cast steel material to meet all pipelines Strainer filtration requirements. All strainers are quality made to high standard and are guaranteed to be free from defects.

Salient Feature

  • Flange End: Socket Weld / Butt Weld
  • Screen Sizes: 40 to 200 microns
  • Stainless Steel Screen: SS 304/316

Duplex Filter

The Flowgain Duplex filter consist of two strainers parallel through a changeover device which consists of two balls a plate housed in one housing, for operation with a single handle.

Salient Feature

  • Main portion are flange mounted with unique changeover device and can be made to any size to increase Filtration area.
  • Leak proof design with tight sealing.
  • Inlet and the Outlet at the same level or in different level and in same opposite direction. Therefore the filter as such can be installed as per piping layout.
  • Fabricated construction.
  • Pressure range 150#, 300# and above.
  • Sizes: 50 NB to 300 NB
  • Flanged, screwed connections.

Simplex Strainer

These Flowgain strainers have a rugged fabricated carbon steel body with swing bolts and davit arrangement, which ensures quick removal of the top cover in bigger size filters.

Auto or self cleaning Filter

Auto or self cleaning Filter can be used for Cooling water , drinking water plant and where continues operation of filter is important. This one can be used as part of many industrial segments. It can handle flow rates from 1.5 to 600 m³/h and pressure up to 30 bar with micron ratings included between 50 and 3000 micron.

Auto filter may be used for low and mean viscosity liquids like treatment of water, solvents, and oil etc. Where fine filtration efficiency is requirement of process , filtration is performed from the internal to the external side of the mesh; the solid impurities are stopped on the internal face of the metallic barrier. The release of the immurity from filter element is ensured with self cleaning capacity of filter which is activated at differential pressure principle. Filter can be equipped with an heating jacket for filtration of viscous fluid .

Salient Features

  • A Simplex strainer has a single housing with flanged connections
  • Greater size as per the requirement of the client
  • Basket type filter arrangement
  • Suitable for pipelines of 25 NB to 300 NB
  • Used for filtration of a wide variety of Industrial process system like raw water, oil handling, fire protection, cooling water etc.
  • Steam jacket or electrical heating as optional design.
  • Stainless steel screen
  • ASME flanged design.
  • Higher pressure and temperature design to suit different application.
  • Differential pressure indicator mounting arrangement.
  • Design to suit site requirement and layout.